Rachael Belliveau Portraits

Here I am...

I believe there are certain moments in our day when truth and beauty intersect. As a photographer my camera is merely the tool used to recognize and record that moment.

My favorite subjects have been musicians and performance artists with whom I grow good friendships. Good journalism requires an objective eye on a subject. But great journalism reveals the humanity in all of us and moves us to change our habits accordingly.

I have worked as a photojournalist in New Hampshire and Vermont before resigning to embark on several cross-country photo assignments for clients and for personal projects. Much of my adventures during this time are illustrated in the "PHOTOGRAPHS" section on this site.

Since October 2014, I’ve worked at The Progress-Index newspaper in Petersburg, Va., first as a part-time staff photographer, then as the multimedia editor. I wear many hats in this organization: photo/video/reporter wrangler, web editor, social media manager and page A2 editor.

Here is a copy of my resume should you be in search of it.



Making the world a more beautiful place in central Virginia and beyond.

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