Dancing with the Light and the Darkness

Sometimes I can't decide which image I like more. The artsy, ambiguous one... or the other artsy, ambiguous one. So thanks to @knightlab and their image juxtoposition application, I get to share both of them with you at the same time.

I had a great night hosting a photo booth in support of The Party Liberation Front's event at Strange Matter in Richmond, Va., this Friday. If you love bass-thumping dance music and swell people, this is the group to be a part of!

Todd Raviotta and Natural Science Productions created the light show featured here. The Party Liberation Front entertainment group threw the party and attracted these fine dancers. 

Event: PLF Presents Music Box: Jolly Edition, https://www.facebook.com/events/1488762831427272/

Visuals: Natural Science Productions, https://www.facebook.com/naturalscienceproductions

Dancers: Jane and Joe Public, Richmond, Va.

Slider: JuxtaposeJS by Knightlab, https://juxtapose.knightlab.com/